Competition 2020 Base Rules

Competition Dates Friday 16th October – Sunday 18th October at G.E.M.A. (Gibraltar Exhibition of Modern Arts) inside Montagu Bastion, Line Wall road.

Please read the notes below carefully before entering your models as they contain important rule changes

  • The GSMS 2020 competition is an Open Competition
  • There are over 15 competition classes and a range of special awards and trophies, catering for all types and tastes of modelling.
  • Any models entered incorrectly may not be judged.
  • If you are at all unsure about which class to enter, please contact the Competition Secretary before the event. I would rather spend time before the event ensuring models are entered in the correct class than run the risk of competitors being disqualified and disappointed on the day, when it may not be possible to rectify any mistakes.
  • No Entries will be changed into different classes after the Show has opened; this causes a delay at the start of the Competition.

How to enter

  • Entry forms will be available on the day at the reception or GSMS web page and Facebook page, and in both Word and PDF formats.
  • There is a limit of 10 models per competitor.
  • You should pre-register a model even if you are not certain whether it will be ready for the show, as this is far better than completing a model after the closing date for registration and then wishing that you had entered it.
  • Entry fees are as follows:-  For non-members it will cost £5/6€ – this allows entry of up to 5 exhibits, extra entries at £2/3€ per extra exhibit.  For members it will cost £3 – this allows entry of up to 5 exhibits, extra entries at £1 per extra exhibit.
  • All models, including Overseas Entries must be pre-registered by 11th October
  • Registrations on the day will be be accepted,
  • Each model entered will be registered with its own unique entry number, and the Registration given an GSMS Receipt Slip, which can be used to identify your Exhibits and collect them on the day the Competition closes
  • Once an Registration number and unique entry number have been issued they may not be used for a model other than that originally registered.
  • Only Gibraltar participants will be allowed to register for The Gibraltar Theme Award.

What to do on the day?

  • The reception area will open at 16.00 on the Friday 16th October 2020
  • If you have not already received your Entry Slips by post or email, you will be able to collect them from the Competition Desk (at the entrance to the Competition Area) from 16.00 on Friday 16th October until 11.30 on Saturday 17th October.
  • Once you have your Entry Slips you may place your models on the competition reception tables.
  • The Entry Slip will specify the competition class, the unique model entry number and the title of your model.
  • There is a “details” section on the Entry Slip, which allows you to give the judges some information about the work that you have done and which kit(s) or add-on parts (if any) you have used. Remember that no judge, however experienced, can be familiar with every kit currently available and sometimes extra information provided can make all the difference to the judges when coming to a decision.
  • A detailed Competition timetable, including times of judging and the awards ceremony, will be available in the society’s Facebook page and the website and from the Competition Desk during the weekend.


  • All models must be the handiwork of participants only
  • A model that has been physically entered into the Competition in previous years is ineligible for re-entry into the Competition, unless it has been incorporated into a new diorama.
  • GSMS and/or its officers reserve the right to remove any entry which may cause dispute or offence.
  • Although every care is taken to ensure the safety of exhibits, models and associated paperwork are placed in the Competition at the owner’s risk.
  • Once placed on the competition table, only the Competition Secretary, the Judges or their appointee may move a model prior to the official removal of models at the end of the show.
  • Any entrant shall have the right to bring any infringement of the Competition Rules to the attention of the Competition Secretary, providing such notice is given prior to the commencement of judging.
  • However, on any point of contention, the Competition Secretary’s ruling shall be final.
  • Entrants will be required to provide proof of current GSMS membership on the day of the Competition.
  • Once an Entry Slip and unique entry number have been issued they may not be used for a model other than that originally registered.
  • In the event that a model is eligible for more than one class, it may not later be moved to another class from that into which it was originally entered.
  • Any model entered into the wrong class can only be moved into another class with the approval of the Competition Secretary, this can only happen prior to the start of the Show.
  • Models must be placed on the competition tables by 1200 on Saturday 17th October 2020.
  • Models should not be removed from the competition tables before 1300 on Sunday without the prior approval of the Competition Secretary.
  • Any model removed from the tables without prior agreement will be subject to disqualification.
  • All models are to be constructed as stated and defined. Metal foil, wood, veneer, paper, cloth, decal or any other material may be used to cover the model to represent a finish, or to construct detail items. Such coverings or details must be cosmetic and not structural.
  • In the event that propellers, rotors, turrets or any other assemblies are not attached to the model, this must be clearly specified on the Entry Slip. If this is not done, GSMS cannot be held responsible for any damage that may be caused to the model.
  • Where a model is displayed on a base, the base must not be larger than 1.5 times the model size. Any base over 1 sq. metres must be notified to and approved by the Competition Secretary prior to the date of the Competition.


  • A member of the jury has a responsible role in the contest and must act with integrity. The contest management ensures that the judging is conducted and recorded fairly.
  • Points of attention are:
    • Each model in a category is judged by several judges. Each judge decides the rating after assessment of each model within the assigned category. Judges are allowed to consult each other but they may not always agree.
    • For the assessment and recording, a form for each model is filled in by the appointed jury members in the assigned category. There is a system to facilitate the overall assessment.
    • The builder’s identity may not play any part in the assessment.
    • Assessment results and ratings are not discussed outside the judge’s team and competition secretary.
    • The final overall result will be determined and announced by the Committee.